NME 4 Week H.I.I.T. Cardio: Running
Program: Version 2


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4 weeks of high-intensity fat-burning cardio workouts to help activate your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine. This workout is for runners who can run a mile in 8-12 minutes and/or who's top sprint pace is at or above an 8.0 mph on a treadmill.

Second installment of the NME 8 Week H.I.I.T Running Program Downloadable e-Book.
• Program can be done running on a treadmill or outdoors.
• Program includes 4 weeks of progressive, high intensity interval training(H.I.I.T.) cardio workouts.
• 3 workouts a week all 20 minutes in length.
• Ability to adapt your speeds to match your current fitness level now and as you get fitter.
• RPE chart to ensure the suggested speeds meet you where you're at for every single workout.
• Access to the NME online support.
• Purchased e-book will be sent directly to your email for immediate download.
• Purchased e-Book will also be available for immediate use at all times under "Your Account" on this website.


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Program: Version 2”

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