Certified Personal Trainer

Helped individuals in multiple settings

Including: home based, private studio, group training and outdoors.

Elite ranked UFE

Also average client training 5+ years

Elite ranked UFE

Also average client training 5+ years


The No more Excuses Fitness Training System will change the way you workout. Each workout is designed with you in mind. Including only the MOST EFFECTIVE exercises with your time and physique goals as a top priority. Not all exercises are created equal and there are exercises that simply work better.

Discover what those exercises are and perform them in a unique fatburning, muscle-building format that will maximize your results and minimize the time you spend working out. Laura has devoted the last 12 years of her professional life helping individuals with their health and wellness goals.

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Meet Laura

Hello Friends, my name is Laura. I was born and currently reside in southeastern Michigan. I have been married to my husband for 7 years now and we’re blessed with a fun-loving daughter named Taylor. I became obsessed with weight training almost 20 years ago. Not only did I love doing it but it was the first thing I had ever felt really good at. Since the first time I picked up a dumbbell I knew that weightlifting was going to change my life in every way possible. As it turns out I was right.

Weight training has taught me self-discipline, patience and how to have a healthy sense of control over my body. It has given me the self esteem to stand up taller(which is hard because I’m 6’0) and relieve my anxiety in a healthy and purposeful way. It has been my constant friend in my darkest times. I think that the one thing missing out of most peoples lives is weight training. As you can you tell I like to lift weights! I feel so strongly about weight training that I’ve devoted my career to it and have been personal training for the last 13 years. I believe that proper exercises, done with proper form in the right order is the key to physical health. I’m beyond excited to be able to share my love for exercise with more people and hope that the gift of weight training will continue to change people’s lives like it has my own.

NME Fitness Training is busting excuses one workout at a time.

Are you tired of excuses? We couldn’t agree more. Sign-up now to see what a difference No More Excuses can have in your life.

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