Working out at home doesn't have to mean your fitness goals have to take a back seat. Millions of people have not only met their goals but far surpassed them by maximizing their home gym's potential.

Laura M. Howell: Boat Pose: 10 Sign's its's time to break-up with your workout
Fortunately,  a boat pose can be performed anywhere.

Their are 3 ingredients to workout success in your own home:

The right equipment.

The most important thing to know about a home gym is that it does not need to look like your local Powerhouse. Most homes I train at only have these items: dumbbells, exercise ball, carpet sliders and bands. Anything beyond these 4 pieces of equipment is nice, but not necessary. However, not all workout equipment is created the same. Follow this page to a complete list of all of my favorite brands of home workout inspired exercise equipment.

The right workout plan that utilizes your equipment.

Having the right equipment but also having no idea what to do with it is just a waste. Sorry but it is. Also, having a workout plan that does not match your equipment is also a waste. Invest in a program that provides instruction and a plan so you can learn how to workout with your equipment at your home. If you're someone that needs the accountability of a led workout than invest in a personal trainer that comes to your home. If you're someone that likes to workout solo and cannot predict your day enough to have a trainer, than a purchased home plan may be the right choice for you.

Head over to the program section of this site to find all of my NO EXCUSES home workout programs.

The discipline to show up and get the job done.

Yes, even if you're working out at your home it takes discipline to actually do it. One of my favorite sayings, "no once can do the push-ups for you." Plenty of people have workout equipment at their homes but never use it. Check out Craigslist if you do not believe me. The first step to self esteem is making a commitment to yourself and following through with it.  Discipline is something that cannot be purchased, but it can be taught and encouraged. Hire a trainer or have an accountability partner that knows your goals and follows-up with you. Spend the money to have the right equipment and program available so that you can take those 2 BIG EXCUSES out of the equation. If you have the right tools you will be far more likely to show up and get the job done.