Home Workout Equipment Essentials


This equipment works perfectly with my 8 week Circuit Workout: To Get Stronger and Stay Leaner

  1. Dumbells No workout is complete without dumbbells. Out of all the things you need to workout at home dumbbells are the most important. Dumbbells are the most versatile piece of workout equipment you can use. They can be adjusted to all different levels of strength and you can literally work every single muscle in the body with dumbbells. If you were stranded on an island this would be something you would want to have with you.
  2. Stability Ball A stability ball is like a bench that you can move around easily and allows you to hit the core muscles harder. I would even say it's more valuable than a bench because of these reasons: takes up less space, easy to transport, easy to store and there's more core muscle activation. There's no exercise that exist that isn't made better on a ball. For these reasons it made the list of the things you need to workout at home. 
  3. Resistance bands can get a bad rap because they look like they would be easy, not true. Combined with different resistance exercises and using them in conjunction with the other 4 items on the list of things you need to workout at home resistaaa708278-e8c9-11e7-a1e0-dd1952885bednce bands can provide an awesome full-body burn. 
  4. Carpet sliders are no longer just for moving carpet. They made this list of things you need to workout at home because carpet sliders offer limitless low-impact exercise possibilities. You can do lunges, mountain climbers, hamstring curls, work your ABS, etc., etc., etc. on these small weight-less wonders.  
  5. Cable attachments be a cable machine. I LOVE CABLE MACHINES. Now, along with the cable machine comes the attachments. Often, people have access to a cable machine, but do not have the right attachments to maximize it's use. Cable attachments made the list of things you need to workout at home because if you're going to workout with a cable machine you need to use attachments to maximize your strength gains and really see the gigantic potential of the cable machine. 

6. Loop Bands are an absolute must for home and gym workouts. You can do a wide variety of exercises with these circles of awesomeness. Some of my favorite exercises include: squats, squats with the stability ball, monster walks and lateral leg extensions. The  Synergee loop brand is a stand out to me due the fact that you can order as many of one resistance as you want. With the ability to order several of the same resistance you can keep a loop band at home, one in your car and one in your gym bag so that you're always ready for your next workout! 

7. Calf Stretcher. this is not a piece of equipment that you will be using to exercise with during your workout, but it is something that will keep you from missing workouts later! This portable stretcher has multiple settings so you're in charge of how deep your calves get stretched. Stretching your calves is important for everyone from the occasional golfer to the marathon runner. Put this in your workout room, your bathroom or even your office. Just remember it's not going to do any good sitting there! Use it now to prevent days off later! Another great stretching tool is the "ArmAid" this handy roller can be used on the forearms or the calves!

8. BOSU Ball. You've seen them around and wondered what the heck if that thing??? Well, it's a piece of exercise equipment that will give every exercise you do on it a core boost. You can even just stand on a BOSU ball to get a core and balance workout. My favorite exercise on the BOSU ball include: squats, lunges, planks, and crunches. Try one out and watch your balance improve in only a few workout sessions!